Thursday, September 14, 2006

Noah Lukeman's The First Five Pages: The Best Book for Writers Trying To Get Their First Book Deal

Mr. Lukeman is a Literary Agent based in Brooklyn, NY. In The First Five Pages, Mr. Lukeman provides a wealth of useful information for writers--particularly for those writers who are trying to get their first book deal.

A book publishing truism: Agents reject 99% of what they're sent. Publishers reject 96% of what Agents submit. Getting a bona-fide book deal--one where the publisher pays you an advance and royalties--is very difficult. Hundreds of book deals are made each year. Hundreds of thousands of writers compete for them!

The First Five Pages will help you avoid giving agents and editors any easy reasons to say "no" to your manuscript.

I highly recommend reading (and applying) The First Five Pages to your writing before you submit your work to agents or editors.

Look up Lukeman on Amazon, he's written some other good books too. He's one of the best resources for writers today.

Meet My Father!

My Father, Enrique O. Fernandez, D-Day Veteran, served in the U.S. Navy from 1942-1946, seeing action in both the European and Pacific theatres, witness to the invasion of Sicily and of course the landings at Normandy, weathered some monster typhoons off the coast of Japan, survived kamikaze attacks, and spent some time in China after the war.

This pic was taken on the road from Santa Barbara to Los Olivos, near Lake Cachuma in Calfornia, June, 2005.

My father turns 90 years old this November 21st (2006). He keeps lifting weights, taking lots of nutritional supplements, and maintaining a good, positive attitude despite some vertebral discs that could use some help from stem cells!

He's my inspiration and my hero. He is modest about his life accomplishments but they are anything but modest! He has served his country, raised a family--after quitting grade school to financially support his brothers and sisters during the Great Depression--and accomplished volunteer work in his community (including stints as President of the local Kiwanis Club and VFW Post Commander), earning his place amongst those of the "Greatest Generation" with distinction!

In his modesty, my Dad is most proud of himself for going back to college at age 52 and finishing his B.A. and M.A. and then teaching school (Dover High School in New Jersey) for more than twenty years starting at age 55!